Friday, November 9, 2012

Patience Puppies

Patience Puppy
"Are you ready, Momma?"

Sorry Henry, not yet.


Patience Puppy
Henry: "That's what Momma says when it's going to take forever."

Patience Puppy

Patience Pups
Zachary: "Oh sweet, photography time! What's today's topic?"


Patience Pups

Dog Blog Post #865

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Nov 8, 2012 - "Your Daily Challenge"

Which backdrop should I use today? :)

Actually, my daily challenge is to create a picture that tells a story - or at least suggests there might be a story - by combining whatever topics my favorite challenge groups happen to toss at me.

No, of course I'm not always successful.

Sometimes I end up with nothing more than a picture of a dog or two, either because my creativity fails to bridge disparate challenges, or Real Life gets in the way of me getting the shot.

My boys are rarely the problem.

Their challenge is…

Daily Dog Challenge "374. Patience"

… while I'm setting up the shoot and occasionally while I'm taking the pictures, although I usually try to keep the cookies flowing at a brisk rate once I get started as it keeps the models working happily.

Patience Pups
Zachary: "Remind me again why we love photo shoots?"
Henry: "Cookies. Lots of cookies."

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How Sam Sees It said...

Tee-hee... the last picture is great!


houndstooth said...

Today is another day when I don't know how you chose a favorite! I love these shots and I can't help grinning at each and every one!

Sue and Doug said...

patience is a virtue always found in women and never found in 'men'..good job, boys! You are most accomodating! Your 'Momma' does a great job!

Sage said...

I had quite a chuckle over this one. Perfect!