Sunday, September 30, 2012

The End

Mr. Zachary

The Precious Puppy

Scavenger Challenge September 2012

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Photography Assignment

What a busy day today turned out to be - so busy that I didn't get any of the usual daily challenges.

Instead, I spent a goodly portion spent trying to satisfy my last picture challenge for Scavenge Challenge for the month of September.

Ta-Da - may I present...

Dancing Pickle
Mr. Pickles

Scavenge Challenge September 2012 - "9. Look around you, and find someone dressed oddly. No staged photos, please."

How can a dancing pickle not make you smile?

The rest was taken up creating the three mosaics, up top. The bottom is the final mosaic for the entire month. The first two are for:

Scavenge Challenge September 2012 - "20. Acknowledge one of your best friends with a photo montage/collage relating to them."


My beautiful boy.

He's smart, eager to please, easy to teach, a true sport about all the things I ask him to do, and a joy to be around.

He loves his Lacrosse Balls, playing with Henry, and the camera - as it means he gets lots of treats.

1. Beauty, 2. Mr. Perfect, 3. Instructions, 4. Round Roll, 5. The Boys, 6. Breakfast in Bed, 7. Saturday Fun, 8. On Their Way, 9. Young Entrepreneurs, 10. Golden Lion, 11. Ahhhhhh, 12. Hawaii, 13. Hide and Seek


Scavenge Challenge September 2012 - "20. Acknowledge one of your best friends with a photo montage/collage relating to them." (what, you didn't think I could honor one and not the other, did you?)

Henry is just as sweet on the inside as he looks on the outside.

Calm, gentle, loving, cuddly, and did I mention sweet? Very, very sweet.

He loves snuggling, carrying his soft stuffies around, playing (but not winning) tug, his Uncle Zachary, and the camera - because it means food.

And Henry really, really, really loves food.

What Henry lacks in intensity (that's Zachary's department) he makes up for with those soulful eyes. And no, I can't resist him.

1. Beauty, 2. Beauty, 3. Happy Dogs, 4. A is for Apple, 5. Lion and Bunny, 6. A Little Romance, 7. A Little Romance, 8. Everyday Life, 9. Bitey-Face, 10. Round Roll, 11. Shame, 12. Mom!, 13. School Supplies

The End
The End

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How Sam Sees It said...

BOL - oh that poor guy in the pickle suit!


katie, Maizey, Magnus and Calvin said...

A beautiful tribute! It always makes me smile how Henry and Magnus ended up being such easy going guys. :)

Sue and Doug said...

nice tribute to your 'boys' love like that of a golden!

houndstooth said...

The guy in the pickle suit!!! That is classic!