Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Dreaded Orange


Why it's supervisor Zachary and his able worker, Henry.


Sorry Henry, only one supervisor per shift - but since you're doing all the work there's a special treat in your bag.


Now, now, Zachary. Treats are ONLY for those doing the actual work.


Dog Blog Post #799

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 3, 2012 - "Slow"…

… for the Cone Zone.

Daily Dog Challenge "308. "If I Had Job…"

Zachary is a dog of many talents. Today he is showing off his supervisory skills.

Henry is also doing what he does best - being my photography model.

The Precious Puppy has posing down pat.

Scavenge Challenge September 2012 - "10. What color do you like the least? Make yourself use it as the theme of an image."

I hate using orange.

It looks terrible with the boys, clashes with cabinets (same color as the boys) floors (uh… same color as the boys) and carpet (yup, same color as the boys.)

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FANCY the Red Standard Poodle said...

Hi Y'all,

BOL! My Human would love it if everything was the same color as me...then she wouldn't notice my hair everywhere but on me. ;)

Y'all come by now,
Hawk aka BrownDog

houndstooth said...

But at least we have orange behind us for the Scavenge Challenge now! lol I think the pictures turned out really cute. :)

Sue and Doug said...

we love the colour orange!..great shots as always..our Tucker is learning to balance a cookie on his nose..maybe one day I will be able to capture that! but I know he will never be as talented as your two!!

Sage said...

They still look good, even if it's an orange-themed day!