Saturday, September 15, 2012

Caught in the Act

Saturday Fun

Eh Hem... Zachary - are you taking advantage of your nephew?


Caught in the Act

Dog Blog Post #811

Photography Assignment

While Zachary might be having a bit of…

Daily Dog Challenge "320. Saturday Fun"

… I fear he's trying to…

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 15, 2012 - "Grow"

… his pile of cookies at his nephew's expense!

Poor Henry!

The Plan

As shown.

The Problems

1. Finding the darned deck of cards.

2. Trying to get the boys to face each other on top a mat that was quite slippery on the hardwood floor.

The Solutions

1. After 20 minutes of ransacking our (modestly-sized) house, I finally gave up and decided they would play craps instead.

Then another 5-10 minutes of ransacking the house (again) to find some dice. (Final source? Risk)

After all that, Hubby pops in with cards in hand - seems they had migrated out with the backpacking gear.

Yeah Hubby!!!

After all that, the shoot itself was a breeze - over in five shots.

2. Good thing no one was video taping me. I had dogs bounding all over everywhere as I tried to get them to face each other, with a gap between them, and the mat to stay in place.

I ended up standing on the mat and spinning the boys (one under each hand) then saying "down" and hoping they would land in the right spots. Took a few tries, but in the end they did. Thankfully, once in place, they STAYED in place!

And yes, of course they got to enjoy some of their "winnings". :)

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Sue and Doug said...

nice card game the boys have going on!!