Sunday, September 2, 2012

School Supplies

School Supplies
"Hey Mom, whatcha up to?"

"I thought I'd show off your School Supplies for the latest challenges."

School Supplies
"Oh yeah, there's my books and clicker..."

School Supplies
"... and the target sticks..."

School Supplies
"... and the Easy button and touch pad! We can have a lot of fun with this stuff!"

Dog Blog Post #797

Well, you can tell it's that time of year, when we see…

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 1, 2012 - "School"

Scavenge Challenge September 2012 -"3. It's back-to-school time for many young students. Make a creative shot of school supplies."

… and...

Daily Dog Challenge "306. Obedience School - How is your dog in obedience school? Teacher's pet? Obedience school dropout? Class clown? Show us!"

Zachary is a stellar student, and by far the smartest dog I've ever had. He really is smarter than most Honor Students!

He loves learning new things, has a tremendous desire to please, is impervious to repetition, is a good problem solver, and just plain fun to work with.

Henry is a fine student. He loves cookies, and is willing to do what is necessary in order to earn them.

For the most part.

Now that my son has headed off to college, I'm hopeful to have more time to continue the education of the four legged boys in the house.

In addition to the books and treats, the table holds:

* the all important clicker (black with yellow button - used to mark success and signify cookies are on their way)

* a standard target stick (folded) to indicate things to push with nose or paw

* a telescoping target stick with a green ball on the end (which I taught Zachary to look at so I could direct this focus from afar)

* a blue mouse pad for paw targeting from afar (rubber bottom means it doesn't move when tagged by big paws)

* a Staples Easy Button (because it's so darn cute to send them from across the room to push it. Zachary knows the trick isn't complete until he hears the "That was easy!" and will double back to swat it again if it doesn't go off.)

School Supplies

"Yes, Henry?"

School Supplies
"Can I have the cookies now?"

"Yes, Henry."

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How Sam Sees It said...

Oh fun! We play all kinds of games with the boys, but usually make them up with whatever I find. I never thought of trying a touch stick.


houndstooth said...

Those shots are perfect for the challenges! I can't wait to see if they get through the ScavChal! :P The boys are both top of their class if you ask me!

Sage said...

Oh, Henry. You are too precious!