Thursday, September 6, 2012

On Their Way

Uh, boys... where do you think you're going?

On Their Way
"We're gonna go visiting at the college!"

Oh you are, are you?

Well, it looks like you did a great job of packing, but I'm afraid you just can't go.

Got Everything?
Henry: "Blanket, wooly man..."
Zachary: "Lacrosse Ball. Looks good to me. Oh, wait! I know the problem..."

On Their Way

Dog Blog Post #801

Photography Assignments

Daily Dog Challenge "310. Going Places"

Our Daily Challenge - Sep 5, 2012 - "Travel"

The Plan

You're pretty much looking at it.

The Problems

None to speak of, except the baseball hat cast considerably more shadow on Henry than I would have liked.

The Solution

I did some selective Shadow fixing in Aperture, which helped, but it's still darker than I would have liked.

I should break out the reflector hubby bought me last Christmas, but while it pops open without any problem, I don't stand a chance of folding it back up again to tuck it back in the back.

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How Sam Sees It said...

Those disguises are perfect! You will blend right in.


houndstooth said...

You guys look ready for a great trip to me! I hope you have fun. Remember to bring back a college souvenir!

Sue and Doug said...

the boys look so disappointed they won't be able to go to college for a visit?..darn cute in their hats!!