Monday, January 2, 2012

In Hiding


Dog Blog Post #555: You would think that for such an auspicious post number as "555", I'd have done something amazing (or at least somewhat interesting) wouldn't you?

Alas, no.


Now, had I noticed it a day or two ago, I might have whispered to the Daily Dog Challenge selection committee chair to have the number "5" as the topic, and wouldn't that have been nifty! Oh well, yet another opportunity forever lost to time.

So,  moving right along... what was today's Daily Dog Challenge?

63. Back to Nature - Take a photo of your dog in some kind of natural surrounding today.

And what a lovely winter day it was, too, although I'm not sure how "natural" I managed to make my somewhat-overgrown-yet-sadly-naked-due-to-dogs-and-winter backyard, but I tried.

(Go to the bottom to see a 90 degree rotated view (to the right) of the above for an idea of how little I had to work with.)

Note that there is more to the shot up top than just Henry peering around a rose bush. That's because this picture was also used for...

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 2, 2011 - "Cover"
Scavenge Challenge January 2011 - "8. Convey the idea of deception, secrecy or something hidden."

Any ideas why I picked those challenges for that shot?  :)

I also decided to join the oddly named 365: the 2012 Edition (oddly, as it's a leap year) in hopes I can keep up my string of at least a shot a day. For the record, I picked this...

New Years Resolution

... from yesterday's shots for day 1.

Back to Nature

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Sue and Doug said...

come out come out where ever you are!! cute those boys are!!

Bassetmomma said...

What gorgeous pictures!! Love them!

Sheltie Times said...

Those hiding shots are some of the few I might have caught with my two. I love the New Year's resolution shots.

greygirl25 said...

That last photo is gorgeous.

Now that the red head has joined us, I see that you have leaves caught in the fluff. I have a whole new appreciation for that.

houndstooth said...

I am a big fan of that last photo! There's just something about how it's laid out that I really like. I have to say that I think all of the nature shots turned out beautifully!

You're really going to keep me on the straight and narrow with the 365 project! I got caught up with my two shots for the first two days and know what I want to do for today, just hoping I can get it to turn out the way I want!