Thursday, February 25, 2016

Shadow Games

Shadow Games

Shadow Games
(scuffle scuffle)

Shadow Games

Shadow Games
(paw paw paw)

Dog Blog Post #2069

I had planned a Film Noir-esk shot.

After all, who doesn't love a dog, in shadow, wearing a black fedora, right?

So I got out the camera and screwed the flash on the stand, then turned to a loud thud.

The boys had started a rousing game of Bitey-Face, of course.

Inspiration hit.

I dropped the stand as low as it would go, switched the camera auto-focus from "S" (single) to "C" (continuous) so it wouldn't struggle to "lock" on my now-moving targets, and managed to get a few shots in before the game was over.

Some games last many minutes, others are over as soon as they begin. This one was more the latter than the former.

Unfortunately, one of the settings I didn't have time to change was the shutter speed. And while 1/160s is plenty fast enough for the posed shots I was planning on taking, it's no where near the 1/250s I should have set it to - the fastest I can shoot with my flash.

Sooo... most of the shots came out a tad on the "soft" side, and needed a bit of over-the-top sharpening to make them "work".

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1578. "Play With Light"

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 25, 2016 - "Shadows"

Play With Me
Goofy Goldens

I almost never catch a play-bow. The boys are usually well into their game by the time I get there with the camera.

Today, for whatever reason, Henry gave an extra bow (completed with a crinkled up face) as I was still trying to get the flash set up.

Zachary is waiting for Henry to roll over and join him, so they can wiggle and squirm and flail their paws and jaws around impressively.

Ah yes, watching Golden Retrievers "play fight" is something else.

A really distracting white wall corner has been "removed" from the scene post-production, in case you wonder why the floor boards look a bit funny.

This is not a great shot by any stretch of the imagination, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside just looking at it.

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Unknown said...

That's some amazing photography skills you got there! I love your dogs! They make pretty good models. They look very photogenic and they don't seem to be "camera shy". Our dogs don't really like cameras. And I rarely get some nice photos from them. What's the brand name of your camera, by the way?