Friday, February 12, 2016

Be Mine

Looking for Love?

You could try...

Be Mine
Looking impossibly sweet
Henry: (blink blink blink)

Be Mine
The direct approach
Zachary: "Yo, babe!"


Be Mine
The strong, silent-type approach
Henry: (silence)

Be Mine
The patented Golden Retriever method
Zachary: "I just met you and I love you!"

Be Mine
Feigning disinterest
Henry - looking disinterested

Dog Blog Post #2055

I honestly don't like using glass as props with the boys.

My guys may be gentle and well-behaved, but I'm pretty sure they have no clue what their tails are doing most of time, and those tails are more than capable of clearing a table like this in a single swish.

And while I do have a pair of pretty good "cut plastic" tumblers, today you get The Good Stuff - a pair of real Fragile Glass wineglasses.


Photography Assignment

116 Pictures in 2016 - #58. "Fragile"

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 12, 2016 - "Glass"

Daily Dog Challenge 1565. "Have a Heart"

Not Recommended

Be Mine
Actually being disinterested
Zachary: (sniff sniff sniff)

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Furries said...

Great series of photos. Love Henry looking impossibly sweet.
"Yo, Babe!" made me chuckle. That's not a phrase I'd connect with a Golden Retriever!

Ruth said...

I love these boys in hats! :) x