Friday, February 19, 2016

Canine Cuisine

Canine Cuisine
Henry: "Momma! Zachary needs his hat."

Coming dear, coming.

Good grief, you don't have to bellow.

Canine Cuisine
Zachary: "Welcome to Canine Cuisine! Today we're going to make..."
Henry: "Gravy! Gravy! Gravy!"

Dog Blog Post #2063

The boys having a bit of Fun cooking up something Saucy.

Can't wait to see what they make!

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1572. "Fun"

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 19, 2016 - "Saucy"

Canine Cuisine
Zachary: "Eh hem... Now, step one..."
Henry: (mumble mumble mumble)

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Ruth said...

Sweeties, the pair of them. I hope they enjoy their gravy! :)

Furries said...

That's cute! But I'm not sure very much gravy would make it to the table with all the taste testing the boys would need to do.