Friday, February 26, 2016



Dog Blog Post #2070

The boys stand (together) at the slider (behind me and to the left) when they want/need to go out into the yard.

In moments or minutes they return, and stand Right Here, in the Kitchen waiting for a Cookie.

It's a very small Cookie, and they only get one each, but they aren't going to let me forget it!

Henry's tail swishes gently back and forth, like a giant feather plume, while Zachary fidgets a bit trying to find The Perfect Spot that (he thinks) causes me to actually toss the Cookie.

Flickr was acting cantankerous tonight, and throwing Pandas at me as I was trying to see what the challenges were.

So... here's a Happy-Snappy of my "Now" - a mundane moment repeated multiple times each day - taken for my 366 and fortuitously relevant for Our Daily Challenge.

For the curious, this is also my "studio". The reflector would be clipped to the white fridge to the upper right and the flash/umbrella stationed at counter's edge in the lower left.

The boys would be between those two, facing left. The camera would probably be just off photo to the left and pretty much dead center. The cardboard backboards would be rubber banded to the cabinets, which are not quite visible on the right, and draped in a length of fabric.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Feb 26, 2016 - "Now"

(swish swish swish)

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