Wednesday, May 21, 2014

What Box?

My Box
Zachary: "Box?"

My Box
Zachary: "What Box?"

My Box
Zachary: (blink bink blink)

Dog Blog Post #1424

The finishing of a box of something is cause for much celebration in our house, as the boys gather around to see who will get the first shot at ripping the poor box to shreds.

RIP: Box of Trader Joe's Berry Scone Mix

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - May 21 2014 - "Rituals"

Daily Dog Challenge 933. "Innocence"

Just look at that face!

Behind the Scenes: So how do I get that face?

I give the "head down" cue (fist on the ground) then hold a cookie down low and SLOWLY raise it - off camera of course.

The result is that the boys track it with their eyes instead of raising their heads, which is what would happen if I moved my hand too abruptly or started out too high.

And Now For Something Completely Different

We walk through the door to find the boys frantically scouring the floor looking for SOMETHING to put in their mouths.

A sock, a half-eaten cardboard box, a stuffed toy, a Lacrosse Ball… it doesn't really matter what, just so long as there is something to fill their jaws with.

Greeting Ritual
Henry: "Love you, Momma."

Greeting Ritual
Henry: "OK."

Henry: "Whew"

Shy Henry
Henry: "You can pet me now."

I always wonder what the boys are thinking when they do this.

Do they think we will be impressed by their prize (hence the response to "Innocence") or are they merely looking for something to soak up the slobbers (my Mom's theory)?

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Unknown said...

LOL nothing like a good chew. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly