Friday, May 30, 2014


Now I need you to stay down, look up, and lick the spoon...

Zachary: "Come to papa!"

Peanut Butter
Zachary: "Down the hatch!"


I said lick!

Peanut Butter
Zachary: "Extending tongue…"

Peanut Butter
Zachary: "Contact!"

Dog Blog Post #1433

Zachary managed to hold his down - barely. Henry was pretty much a lost cause.

FWIW: To get nice tongue extension, I let the boys get a lick or two in then pull the spoon away before the next lick.

They generally continue extending their tongues to rather amazing distances.

Whether my timing is good enough to catch it in a picture or not is a completely separate issue.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 942. "Temptation"

Our Daily Challenge - May 30 2014 - "Look Up"

Peanut Butter!
Henry: "Nom nom nom"

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