Saturday, May 24, 2014

Freedom of Expression

Zachary rarely misses when Catching Cookies…

Freedom of Expression
Zachary: "Cookies!"

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

Freedom of Expression

Dog Blog Post #1427

Welcome to my "studio" (aka Kitchen) in exactly the spot where almost all my pictures are taken, only today without a backdrop.

Yes, my dogs, my floors, and my cabinets are all the same color - which is why you will almost never see my "studio" without a backdrop!

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - May 24 2014 - "Around the House"

Daily Dog Challenge 936. "Freedom"

That was, Zachary, making faces while I toss him Cookies.

Here is Henry, NOT making faces…

Henry: "Cookie please."

… as it's waaaaaaaay to much effort to try to catch the Cookies, and if he sits there long enough looking adorable he knows I'll just hand one to him anyway.

Yup, he has me well trained.

Now, you tell me which dog is smarter?

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Sue and Doug said...

Zachary is the 'momma pleaser' and Henry?..he just waits?