Sunday, September 29, 2013

Cookie Offerings?

Cookie Offerings?
Henry: "What's this? Minions with bags of Cookies!"

Cookie Offerings?
Henry: "Momma!!!"

Cookie Offerings?
Henry: "This is so unfair."

Cookie Offerings?
Zachary: "Yes, my Minions. Bring your offerings..."

Cookie Offerings?
Zachary: "Mwahahahahahaha!"

Zachary, are you making maniacal laughter again?

Cookie Offerings?
Zachary: "Must be the TV, Mom."

Funny, that's not what Henry just told me. You better not be in the Cookies again.

Dog Blog Post #1190

There are some things that I just don't want to know.

I'm thinking this is one of them.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - September 29, 2013 - "Stairs"

Daily Dog Challenge "699. Take the High Road - Show us your dog on some kind of path today."

The Cookie Path :)

Cookie Offerings?

Monday Mischief

Minions = Mischief

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GOOSE said...

Mwahhahahhahha. hehehhe you go Zachary.

Anonymous said...

Haha! The skull just made me think of Hamlet. "Alas, poor Yorick!"
Cute photos.

Kolchak Puggle said...

Zachary, Henry and the Minions make my whole life better. I love you so much for these posts.

Unknown said...

LOL we thought Hamlet too. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

I thought of Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull for some reason.
Haha Zachary you need a bullwhip!

Flea said...

All those cookies - Zachary, that's gotta be rough.

houndstooth said...

I absolutely, positively adore this! Years from now, I will still be thinking about Zachary and his Minions!

Linda Bliss said...

The cookie path looks totally pawsome to me *Waggy tail*