Wednesday, September 18, 2013

At Home

At Home
Zachary: "We've been framed!"

Oh Zachary, you're fine.

The point of today's shot was to show how messy the floor is.

Strange as that sounds.

At Home

Hmm... moving right along.

How about a game of 52 Cookie Pickup?

At Home

At Home

... one of the boys favorite games!

Dog Blog Post #1179

If you look On The Ground there is no doubt A Dog Lives Here as the floor is littered with torn boxes (a favorite and free pastime), toys, and the occasional article of clothing.

Oh yes, and Lacrosse Balls.

LOTS of Lacrosse Balls.

The most important one being the one I was bouncing just moments before I took the second picture.

Zachary (right) doesn't get any more focused than that!

And for once I didn't have to sweep the box shreds up before taking pictures!

Those wondering why I (almost) always use backdrops will note how well the boys blend with the cabinets. :)

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Unknown said...

Ha ha loved the end. Have a tremendous Thursday.
Best wishes Molly

houndstooth said...

In our house, it's plastic water bottles! lol

Michelle Liew said...

Got to say that I"m in love with pic number 2!