Saturday, September 21, 2013

Wedding Heist

Wedding Heist?
Henry: "Oh bother."

Wedding Heist?
Henry: "What are you guys stealing this time? Jewels?"

Wedding Heist?
Henry: "Not my problem."

Zachary, you make sure your little friends are on their best behavior, OK?

Wedding Heist?
Zachary: "Yes Mom!"

Wedding Heist?
Zachary: "Hear that? You need to do your best this time."

And if anything turns up missing it comes out of YOUR modeling fees.

Wedding Heist?
Zachary: (gulp)

Dog Blog Post #1182

Inviting the Minions to the Wedding was probably a bad idea, as it looks like they are making off with the jewels.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - September 21, 2013 - "Marriage and Wedding"

Daily Dog Challenge "691. "Connection"

The hat has a firm connection to Henry's head?

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GOOSE said...

Where there is a wedding there is cake right????

Sue and Doug said...

you have some perfect wedding guests!!

Unknown said...

Hmmm we smell trouble of the mini variety. Have a serene Sunday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

I heard on NPR "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" yesterday about a wedding based on Hogwarts where the Bride wanted an Owl to fly down to the altar with the rings at the appropriate time. Instead Owl flew into the rafters and went to sleep!

By the way, where is the Bride? Did the Minions steal her too?

houndstooth said...

I am still in love with these pictures! Your boys have the most expressive faces ever!