Friday, August 9, 2013


Zachary: "Oh, I see it coming!"
Henry: "I'm starved."

Zachary: (sniff sniff sniff)
Henry: "Thank you!"

Zachary: "Smells wonderful!"
Henry: "Mmmmm"

Dog Blog Post #1139

The boys went high-class tonight, opting for a healthy serving of kibble topped with diced chicken, cottage cheese and a cookie, served layered in a red Margarita glass.

Yes, really. :)

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - August 9, 2013 - "Indulgent"

Daily Dog Challenge "644. A Pop of Red"

Editor's Note

For those curious how yesterday's "N_ked and Raw" experiment turned out in the Flickr Our Daily Challenge group (see yesterday's Um... Well... Yes... post for explanation) realizing that the view count can vary considerably with the day of the week, the time I upload, the topic, how good (or not) the picture is, phase of the moon, etc...


I would hazard that I'm running about 10 times the number of views I would reasonably expect to see by this time (picture posted was the third down in the posting.)

Not sure what that says about the folks that dwell on Flickr, but there you have it.

Zachary: "... and that's when the cat entered the room."

Zachary:  "Well, let me tell you..."

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GOOSE said...

You two sure get the best dinning experience. Got room for one more?

Dawn said...

Badger Boo will have to pay your posh restaurant a visit with his Cassie girl.

Beautiful pictures x

Unknown said...

We coming right over now!!!!!! Have a super Saturday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

Can I make reservation at that restaurant? Amazing that you caught Henry licking his chops BOL! Your pal, Toby P.S. The Ed. note made us laugh too.

Anonymous said...

I bet that made for some happy pups huh?

houndstooth said...

My "naked" picture has gotten quite a few more views than any of my others lately. lol I love the fancy kibble cups today! *grin*