Thursday, August 15, 2013

Hats and High-Fives

Henry with Hat

Henry with Hat

Henry with Hat

Dog Blog Post #1145

Life as a Movie

"The main thing is that it's … a scene you'd want to include in the movie of your life story. Whether it is dramatic or gentle, big or little is up to you. As long as you find it important, that's what matters."

Two years ago, nearly to the day (Aug 26, 2011) The Daily Shoot had the challenge: "What's a photograph you've wanted to make for a while but haven't for some reason? Make it today."

My picture that day?

Henry wearing a Top Hat (see below)


Because the prior month I had learned, "There was no way, no how, that the Terrible Top Hat was going to get anywhere near the Precious Puppy's Head."

A lot of time, work, and cookies went into getting Henry ready to wear that hat that day, and the pup hasn't looked back since.

Top Hats, Sombreros, Cowboy Hats, Fedoras, Beach hats, Straw Hats -- he's worn them all, and more.

It's a small thing - a dog in a hat - but one that brings a smile to my face every time I see it and one I add to my stream and blog with great regularity.

FWIW: As luck would have it, that original picture of Henry in a Top Hat got Explored on Flickr - unexpected icing on my Cake of Happiness - and sits as the 3rd most viewed picture in my Flickr photo stream.

What's #1?

Last Thursday's "N_ked and Raw" shot (Henry staring down at a bowl of carrots, found on the "Uh... Well.. Yes" post), sitting at over 2100 views and steadily climbing.

Go figure.

Old Timey Feeling - EXPLORED
Zachary and Henry - Aug 26,  2011

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - August 15, 2013 - "Life as a Movie" -

Daily Dog Challenge "654. Lines"

All lines lead to my boys :)

Another Country Heard From




Zachary is my partner, my buddy, my friend.

He is everything a Golden is supposed to be: smart, loving, impossibly eager to please, and makes me look good in whatever we do.

High-Five is one of his favorite tricks - one sure to brighten his already perpetually bright day.

Any story of my life with him would have to include it. :)

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Unknown said...

The pooch with the hooch. High five to you. Have a fabulous Friday.
Best wishes Molly

Unknown said...

My very favorite today is the 2nd high five shot, where the hand/paw contact is center, with Z clearly delighted behind it. Somehow that just sums up the joy of having a doggie best friend.

Sue and Doug said...

the boys are the bright spot in my blog reading, every single day!!

Sage said...

You have such perfect models! Henry is lovin' his 'high-five', that's for sure. And they both are quite the sight in their hats!