Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Dogs in Socks?

Zachary in Socks
Zachary: "Socks?"

Zachary in Socks
Zachary: "Really?"

Henry in Socks
Henry: "Maybe..."

Henry in Socks
Henry: "Yes, could quite possibly be..."

Dog Blog Post #1150

I thought these Shoe-patterned baby socks were just too adorable to pass up, although I think the jury is still out as far as the boys are concerned.

Follow their gaze and Where Does It Lead?

To my own Shoes, of course.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge "659. Where Does It Lead?"

Our Daily Challenge - August 20, 2013 - "Shoes"

Henry in Socks
Henry: "Hey Momma, we have the same shoes!"


Because that's what the challenges were?

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Sue and Doug said...

dogs in socks? now I have seen it all..although Tucker ripped both of his carpal pads this past week and those cute socks sure would have come in handy!!! He spent a fair bit of time trying to get the bandages off!!

Piranha Banana said...

My brother Weasel had to wear a socks when he had his hot spot, er, lick granuloma. Except he kept destroying them at tearing them apart. Preeeeeety crafty!


Unknown said...

We'd probably take them off and rip them to shreds given half a chance. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Molly

Anonymous said...

Way to go keeping those socks on... Boomer and Dottie would have ripped them off and eaten them!

Michelle Liew said...

They really do protect the feet at the right times!

Anonymous said...

That look on Zachary's face in the second photo is just too cute!