Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Tonight's Forecast: Dark


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Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Oct. 16, 2012 - "Weather"

"Tonight's forecast: Dark. Continued dark throughout most of the evening, with some widely scattered light towards morning." -- George Carlin

Daily Dog Challenge "351. Your Corner of the World" - Show us your corner of the world from your dog's perspective today!"


Scavenge Challenge October 2012 - "10. Non-electric/non-battery lanterns and lamps are the subject. Bonus points for antiques."

A craft store find for $3.99, and just as cute as can be.

Don't let the POV fool you, this little guy is just 4-5" high and the candle inside a little votive.

It's sitting on the some slate coasters to give a more natural look than the kitchen table beneath them.

This was a 1 second exposure, with a bit of additional light just kissing the front of the lantern from a mini-mag light to bring out the detail. (The shot one older in my stream shows the same thing, at 5 seconds, without the mini-mag.)

Henry did a lovely job holding still for me.

Behind the Scenes

Remember yesterday's Caution shots?


Here's the setup for it...

The Making Of

Not the greatest picture, but you get the idea.

The caution tape is wrapped around the backdrop stand.

The backdrop is draped over the trifold cardboard backboards.

The umbrellas have been removed from the CFLs as otherwise you wouldn't have been able to see very much!


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Unknown said...

I knew it was Henry! I thought maybe Zachary...but I think it was the little bump on the head. Awesome shot and well done Henry. Wagging Wordless Wednesday!

Sue and Doug said...

way to go Henry..nice to see you peeking out from behind the lantern!..hope it's light again where you are!

Ledfoots Pet Bakery said...

Henry I can see you peeking out from behind the lantern. LOL Just became your newest follower. Happy Wordless Wednesday.

houndstooth said...

I really love how that turned out! The little eye peeping over the edge is just perfect!