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Dog Blog Post #836

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge "346. Smooth, Rough or Curly"

While some parts are short and smooth - like muzzles and chins and the fronts of legs and paws, the rest is of medium length with some parts (some might say the parts they are most famous for) are definitely rough.

The fur itself seems coated in teflon, as they go from muddy to clean in the length of time it takes for the mud to dry up and drop right off.

My floor doesn't seem to share this characteristic.

Our Daily Challenge - Oct. 11, 2012 - "Natural Texture"

They both are 100% natural.


Waiting for the Photo Shoot to Start

Sleepy Henry

Sleepy Henry

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Sue and Doug said...

ah yes the love of 'golden fur'!!

K-Koira said...


Flea said...

Our couches are quite similar. Our dogs are not. Yours are almost as pretty as mine. Not that I'm biased or anything ... ;)

Anonymous said...

I love those close up pictures of them!

Have a great weekend!

Elyse and Riley

How Sam Sees It said...

Is the last photo an elbow? Love the close-ups!


Sage said...

Those bits of fluff can sure hold a lot of mud/ well I know! Fun photos of them at play!!