Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Along came a...

His Majesty

Uh, Zachary...

Dog Blog Post #850

Photography Assignment

Oh oh, it looks like someone else is checking out the boys'...

Our Daily Challenge - Oct 24, 2012 - "Favorite Place"

... on the sofa.

Daily Dog Challenge "359. Beware"

… the giant spider!

His Majesty

Uh, Henry...

Editor's Note: Was in a huge rush today to get my shots, and it shows. What I really should have done is put the backdrop stand up behind the sofa so that all the stuff you can't see because I cropped it out wouldn't show and I would have had more room to work with to create a more dynamic shot.

Oh well, Halloween is approaching fast and with luck there will be another challenge soon where I can try again!

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houndstooth said...

I think the shots turned out really cute! Henry's expression just cracks me up!

Sue and Doug said...

along came a spider and sat down beside 'him'..I think it's perfect..Henry is in his favorite spot, too bad he has 'company'!

Cinnamon said...

Just stopped by to say,
Your dogs are so beautiful, I love looking at your pictures.

Linda, Cinnamon's mom.

How Sam Sees It said...