Friday, January 4, 2019

Happy New Year!

As always - new pictures are uploaded every day or two to my Flickr stream:

I'm hoping to get back to blogging here more regularly now that Toby has more freedom in the house, including the computer room - at least when someone is in it.

Momma's Helpers
Momma's Helpers

Momma's Helper
Henry looks unimpressed

Momma's Helpers
Work with me Toby - you're supposed to look IN the basket!

Momma's Helpers
I guess that's better.

Dog Blog Post #2512

This is my...

Daily Dog Challenge 2612. "New"

... backdrop and floor! My main photography...

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 2, 2019 - "Resolution"

... for this year is to use a broader selection of backdrops (instead of, well, one!)

Aside: This added a good 30-45 minutes to my setup/takedown time, mostly due to the backdrop being a bit too large for my backdrop stand within the confines of the kitchen.

Mechanical Engineer Hubby came to the rescue with a few bits of PVC that allowed me to use a longer pole without spreading the stands further apart.

With Toby's help, I was then able to complete the shoot in only twice as long as it would have taken without him! :)

Note to self: buy a length of white baseboard!

Photography Assignment

119 Pictures in 2019 - #12. "Basket"

100x in 2019: #1

For the record - I did complete all 118 Pictures in 2018... with a dog! Here's a link to the finished album:

If dogs aren't your thing (then, well, you wouldn't be here, but...) here's the same list taken during a 5-day family vacation to Disneyland last January:

I also finished 100x in 2018, where my 'x' was "studio shots with a dog". The album is here:

It's bittersweet to scroll through the albums, as this is the first year I actually finished either of those challenges (in eight years, in the case of the first!) making me rather proud of my accomplishments.

That said, knowing Zachary was there at the start and not at the end still hurts.

Moving forward, I am embarking on both 119 Pictures in 2019 (same idea - new list) and 100x in 2019. The latter will be studio shots again, but trying to diversify my backgrounds this year.

Like the idea of a daily dog photography prompt? Click on Daily Dog Challenge and join us!

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