Monday, January 14, 2019

Vacation's Over

Henry: "I think I like the beach better."

Dog Blog Post #2517

I guess their California vacation is over.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2625. "Dress Up"

Seriously, how could I pass up "National Dress Up Your Pet Day"? (January 14)

Our Daily Challenge - January 14, 2019 - "Warming Up or Cooling Down"

This was a totally uneventful shoot - from setup to take down.

Yes, I know, the picture looks a lot like the others of late - the boys sitting side-by-side with/wearing a couple props - but it's really hard to do interesting pictures when your model is trying to eat the props.

Especially when you work solo.

Trust me on that one!

So, the general process is:

1) Teach stay
2) Get the pup to accept props without trying to eat them
3) Work on where the pup is focusing his attention

I'm pretty happy with 1 and 2. Toby's stay is good for at least one picture, often for multiples, including when I walk (backward) toward the camera to get better head positions.

The last few shoots I've worked with him a few times during the day to build familiarity with the clothing/props. Today I just sprang it on him during the shoot and he acted like an old hand.

That leaves 3, focus. We've been working on "Leave It" for weeks, and he's pretty reliable so long as I'm holding the treat. This week I'm going to introduce "Leave It" with the Cookie NOT in my hand. With luck, by the end of the week I'll be able to get a picture of Toby staring at a Cookie on the floor!

100x in 2019 : #5 (Snowflakes)

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