Sunday, January 6, 2019

Teddy Defenders!

The Boys and Teddy 1/52
The Boys and Teddy

Dog Blog Post #2513

Toby is such a wonderful, sweet puppy, so full of personality... until I tell him to "stay", and then he turns to stone.

While that IS kinda what I'm looking for to take his picture, I just wish he would relax a little!

Today's new experience was a wad of blankets (for height) covered by a silky/shaggy length of fabric.

The fabric slipped and slid on the hardwood floor, and the pile of blankets underneath made things soft and squishy.

Toby handled it well, although I could tell he (rightfully) found the experience different and new.

Teddy was pretty much ignored.

While I did get a few shots with Toby's paws on the Teddy (i.e. more interesting) this was the only one of the six where both Toby and Henry were even remotely on the same page.

The other problem was that Henry was really tired.

We watched both football games, and Toby was awake for pretty much the entire time. This meant that Henry was being pestered off and on all morning and afternoon.

Poor Uncle Henry.

He much prefers bursts of activity followed by an hour or three of peaceful napping.

Photography Assignment

119 Pictures in 2019 - #51. "Grey"

One of our Disney Teddys, and a favorite prop of mine over the years.

Daily Dog Challenge 2617. "Blue"

100x in 2019: #2

Today's backdrop is two yards of fleece, straight from the local fabric store. I've used it in the past and really like the nice soft look it gives to high-key shots.

Fleece made up the bulk of my initial round of backdrop purchases when I first got into photography. It's wide, wrinkle resistant, and the fabric store often has it on sale.

The downside is the often garish colors and simplistic patterns - neither of which is a problem with this piece.

I'd actually forgotten about the "fleece bin" when I took pictures of my backdrops last weekend. It will certainly add another 3-4 good pieces for the year, under the right circumstances.

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Furries said...

Toby is growing out of his "puppy" look. Poor Uncle Henry not getting enough rest.