Wednesday, January 9, 2019


At least it was SUPPOSED to be Anticipation, but my favorite shot was Satisfaction.

Slurp slurp sluuuuuuuuurp!

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A fun shoot!

Yes, the results might had been better had I banished the pup and used Henry, alone. But then Toby wouldn't learn anything, would he?

The spoons (yes, there's two) held Maple Yogurt - the remainder destined to be slathered on the pup's KONGs but a few spoonfuls put into service as the Prop of the Day.

This the first time I've tried using yogurt for this kind of shoot, and the jury is still out on it. I would have given it a definitive thumbs down due to lack of visibility and the difficulty keeping it on the spoon long enough to get the image


... then I saw this image of it dripping all over the place, and, well, who doesn't love that?

It is also MUCH easier for the dogs to clean up yogurt from the floor than peanut butter, which is what I've used in the past.

Photography Assignment

119 Pictures in 2019 - #96. "A Spoonful Of..."

Daily Dog Challenge 2620. "Dear Diary"

It was a good day.

100x in 2019: #3 (I never said I wouldn't include ANY black backgrounds!)

That thing in my left hand is the remote for the camera, so I suppose this is also somewhat of a behind-the-scenes shot. :)


Such good self-control!

What good boys

Mr. Henry
Henry: "See you next time!"

Lighting/Focus check site. Henry is broadside to the camera because that was my original intent for this shot.

After looking at the results of the first round, I decided to retake from a front position.

There were no complaints from the models about the retake. :)

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Furries said...

Great photos. The dripping yogurt was captured very well.
Toby look so serious in the self-control photo.