Thursday, March 8, 2018

Daring Dog

Daring Dog
Daring Dog Zachary

Dog Blog Post #2462

In The Center of the picture is Zachary, doing his best Indiana Jones.

Or is it Crocodile Dundee?

I'm drawing a blank for any other like-character minted in the past 10-20 years, which is sad. Both those series - one infinitely better than the other - were from the 80's.

Perhaps I just need to go to the movies more often.

Either that, or the boys are going to have to switch to tights and a cape.

Daring Dog
Daring Dog Zachary: "I am NOT wearing tights!"

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2318. "In The Center"

100x : 2018 - #21

Homebody Henry
Homebody Henry

Henry really is a Homebody.

The sort of dog who is excited to go for a walk... for about a mile... and after that just wants to go home.

Family, food, fan... not necessarily in that order.

And naps.

Plenty of naps.

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Furries said...

Wow, three fantastic photos. The poses & lighting on all of them are beautiful.