Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Cookie Brigade

Cookie Brigade
Cookies to the Rescue

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Hurray! Cookie reinforcements have arrived!

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - March 7, 2018 - "Things are Looking Up"

Daily Dog Challenge 2317. "Watch Your Focus"

In many ways a reprisal of yesterday's shoot, taken with a single flash and only a couple inches separating Henry and his beloved Cookies.

2018 Weekly Alphabet Challenge - J is for Job

118 Pictures in 2018 - #39. "Strong Smelling"

The boys get lots of little Cookies during shoots; small, non-greasy, non-crumbly, low calorie, pleasant (to humans) smelling Cookies (my favorite is Pumpkin and Sweet Potatoes) which they happily work for and hoover up when the opportunity presents.

AFTER the shoot is over, and everything is put away, the boys each get two of the Cookies shown above.

They are greasy, crumbly, and much more... fragrant... especially the Salmon variety.

This is the boys favorite non-specialty Cookie, and a shoot isn't officially over until they have received them.

I was saddened to hear the company who makes them was recently bought up by one of the big names in the food industry. Fingers-crossed that they don't ruin them.

Cookie Brigade
Plan B

Cookie Brigade
Plan C

Henry must think I'm positively nuts.

Aside: Henry sure has big paws! I don't usually shoot from this angle. Now I know why.

I actually liked Plan B best of the trio, being less static and having more depth, but I just couldn't get past that huge paw to pick it as the shot-for-the-day.

Plan C had too much interference from his ear to paw, not to mention that rather uppity whisker.

Once again, Zachary got off easy - running through his tricks for exactly the same treats as Henry had to work for.

Why did Zachary get off so easy?

Because I was tired of kneeling on the hardwood floor! I usually use a remote and leave the camera on a short stack of books. Today required a much more personal touch.

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Furries said...

Maybe you can stock up on the cookies before they're possibly reformulated by the new company. They would keep in the freezer. I've done that with dry cat food.

Big paws....the bigger the better!