Sunday, March 18, 2018

Happy St. Patrick's Day

Irish Dogs? 11/52
Irish Dogs?

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When I read Rand's preamble to the topic, the boys immediately trotted off to the fridge to get some Guinness.

I'm not sure that's quite what he had in mind, but since there's a little bit of Irish Inside Of everyone - even a pair of Scottish Dogs - on St. Patrick's Day, I wasn't going to argue.

Yes, I know it's technically no longer St. Patrick's Day, but yesterday was Day Spa Day and their Modeling Contracts expressly forbid formal posing on Day Spa Day.

Note that is probably more for the Photographer's sanity (they come home exhausted AND wound up) than the boys' lack of desire to earn more treats.

Contrast this image with their Flower/Sunhat shot from a few days ago if you were confused by "Models vs. Dogs" comment then.

Clearly, they take their beer very seriously.

Even when it's in a can.

(Don't blame them, the store was completely out of bottles, and Guinness in a can is better than no Guinness at all - at least on St. Patrick's Day.)

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Irish Dogs?
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1 comment:

Furries said...

In the first photo, the boys look a little too serious to be Irish (and I mean that in good humor).
I think Henry has the right idea in the second photo.