Friday, March 16, 2018


End of a long week

Wishful thinking, Henry. There's no Cookies in the coconut cups tonight.

End of a REALLY long week

I have NO idea what Zachary was thinking here. Probably hoping that darned hat didn't fall off. Again.

Dog Blog Post #2466

Some days you get models, some days you get dogs.

Today's shoot definitely went to the dogs.

What a pair of characters.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 2326. "Made It"

... to the end of the week (and the end of the shoot!)

118 Pictures in 2018 - #75. Sunhat

100x : 2018 - #24


Bitey Face

The boys playing their favorite game is a...

Daily Dog Challenge 2325. "Cheery"

... sight :)

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Furries said...

You boys look ready for summer.