Tuesday, April 11, 2017

The Golden Woofers

The Boys
Zachary: "What in the world is she carrying?"
Henry: "I have no idea."

The Golden Woofers

Oh, come on guys.

It's not that bad.

You're a Barbershop Quartet!

The Golden Woofers
Zachary: "But there's only two of us."
Henry: "Maybe this means she's going to have puppies."

Dog Blog Post #2401

Looks like there's Space for two more woofers in the boys' Barbershop Quartet.


Then how about the space between the Lines create the signature look of their vests.

I sewed the vests in late February, and purchased the hats from Amazon to match.

I agonized over those hats, as they were clearly advertised as "costume" hats - a term that doesn't inspire confidence.

The fact they were $10 each (and I obviously need two) didn't help. Neither did the middling picture, which made the crown look oddly tall and sunken in the middle.

Thankfully, I was thrilled by their appearance when I pulled them from the box and the fit on the boys heads couldn't be better.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - April 11, 2017 - "Space"

Daily Dog Challenge 1987. "Lines"

The Golden Woofers

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Furries said...

The boys look very handsome in those outfits.