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Dogs of the Night?

Dog of the Night?

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Wait... I can explain!

You see, I picked up this cute little zebra-stripe fleece remnant the other day. At 1/3 a yard, I figured I would just drape it around their shoulders for a "cave dog" look.

But you know, if I gave it a lining it would hang so much better (and I had a handy piece of black flannel that would just do the trick)... and since I was pretty happy with how the recently finished paw-print fleece fit over the shoulders...

So I decided to create a narrow shoulder/back piece and have the fabric come together in the front/middle and just hang down - in a cave dog way.

But you know, that stand collar of the paw-print cute was rather cute. I didn't have any zebra print left, and (for some unknown reason) I had zero black fleece, but black flannel? I have lots of that.

Of course, it needed something to stiffen it (a scrap of heavy sew-in interfacing inserted in the collar and top-stitched in place worked)... Hmm... it would look rather like a zebra mane, right?

So I stitched, and I sewed, and... wow. That front was seriously ugly.

Snip, snip... oops... that was a bad idea.

Hmm... But wait - after switching to that old standby v-front I had half a front "tail" that I could cut off. Just enough to sew to the bottom of the remaining front... plus a bit more black flannel (did I mention I have lots of black flannel?)

Hmm... we might be on to something... sew the bottom of the (now much longer) front piece into a loop, insert a bit of ribbon through it with a quick release clasp on the end.

Why, that pulls the front down nicely.

Hey, this isn't bad.

Oh, wait. I have a few tiny scraps left that I can use to create cuffs.

So I took a toilet paper roll center and cut it in half, the sliced each half down the side to open them up. Insert into a narrow pocket of zebra/flannel, add a few buttons and bit of narrow elastic to hold it closed.


Until I laid it out on the table.

Oh dear... it looked like... well, it looked like...

Oh dear.

Ok... so while that is NOT what I had intended to make, I must admit it was rather cute.

I will try to get a better picture in a few days, if/when the topics line up.

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Dog of the Night?
Oh, Henry...

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1 comment:

Furries said...

I love the cuffs! And I like how the light is reflecting off the hat.

Henry looks like he got into his Mom's closet and decided to play dress up. :-)