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paw paw paw



More Roar

More pawing

You get the idea.

Dog Blog Post #2402

I have no idea why all today's shots had Zachary as the "aggressor".

Random chance, I suppose, or Henry being too lazy to move.

The pictures always make the game look fierce while in fact it's more like a slow-motion pantomime.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - April 12, 2017 - "Mix It Up"

Daily Dog Challenge 1989. "Wild Side"

Current Project
What I was really working on

Yet another test piece, this one of unlined fleece, trying out princess seams on the sides of a "coat".

The seams themselves are only vaguely visible here, being those fuzzy triple lines in the lower left.

The standing collar is an improvised addition, based on... well... nothing... and included because I thought it might look nice.

I love the look and fit of the princess seams AND the collar. The shallow "V" neck is also nice. The modified (yet again) shoulder seams are a better fit on Zachary than Henry.

The overlapping flap-front is... uninspired. It will probably be passable when they are lying down (Sphinx style) but seems short and hangs funny when they are sitting.

The coat slips over the head, and as it lacks a belly band it's useless as a real piece of canine clothing.

The red thing is a Wonder Clip - a truly wonderful item if you are pin-adverse.

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