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It's A Mystery why the boys put up with my photography nonsense. Hats, glasses, vests and coats... the boys are game for just about anything.

For Cookies of course.

Top models can demand top wages.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1994. "It's A Mystery"

Our Daily Challenge - April 17, 2017 - "Uncountable"

Our Daily Challenge - April 17, 2017 - "Uncountable"

A portion of my current pile of scraps and scrapped prototypes muslins.

The bits and pieces are scattered all over the table. They escape down to the floor. They've even been known to scamper off into other rooms.

Every night I toss the smallest and odd sized bits, but my pile of scraps keeps growing.

Zachary is sporting a manly fleece sweater vest. It doesn't fit nearly as well as it looks in this picture, but I was pleased with the v-neck and the fleece strips used for seam binding - although it was such a tedious process to apply that I would have to really want it to do it again. The other big success (not visible) is the side-seam button closure.

Henry is wearing the next-generation paw-print fleece coat, with a handsome standing-collar and graceful princess side-seams. The less said about the rather pedestrian (i.e. ugly) front, that's thankfully hidden by the scraps, the better. The hem is simply turned under (see afore mentioned pain-in-the-rump seam binding), which was fast to do but looks rather plain.

Can't have everything I suppose.

Included in the scrap pile is a piece from their current project (left as an exercise to the viewer to find). This will use what I like about past collars, shoulders, and necklines and try (again) to come up with a nice front (chest).

Alas, at the moment, that front is less than successful, but as it is still in pieces, I may yet find a way to redeem it.

I have a love-hate relationship with fleece.

On the plus side, it's dirt cheap - often $2/yard in the remnant bin. And it comes in many different colors and patterns. Since you can't have fiddly details with fleece, the patterns tend to be bold and therefore photograph well. It also feels good on the hands to work with, has some stretch (but not too much) and is heavy enough to overpower their fur, making the fit better.

On the down side, it's thick. Sewing simple seams isn't bad, but the machine complained bitterly adding the raised collar.

It also attracts dog hair and tends to show drool spots - at least until they've dried.

Due to thickness, neither of these pieces is lined.

My current project, also mainly fleece, is going try flannel as a lining plus for the collar, which is completed.

Flannel is a wonderful fabric to work with. It isn't nearly has heavy as fleece, but a double layer will generally bend the fur to its will.

The biggest down-side of flannel is that it shows wrinkles. It also rarely shows up in the remnant bin (despite the store have rows of the stuff) so when I want it, I have to stand in line to have it cut.

Waiting in the wings are brocade remnants, which will make truly handsome coats for the boys, assuming I can work out a pattern.

"Back to work, Mom!"

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