Saturday, November 12, 2016


Zachary amidst the leaves


Maybe not

Dog Blog Post #2309

Today's To Do list included raking leaves. Imagine my Surprise when I turned up these two!

Aside: I swear the Chinese Pistache trees I was raking under (from whence these silk leaves did not come) spent the afternoon mocking me, sending a steady drizzle of golden-red leaves down upon my head.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1839. "To Do"

Our Daily Challenge - November 12, 2016 - "Surprise"


We saw Dr. Strange last night, effectively killing off the entire evening (in a most enjoyable way!)

I did take a happy-snappy of Zachary for my 366 (a picture a day for a year)...

Mr. Zachary

... and then played with it tonight in Photoshop Elements.

Latte Swirl
Zachary Latte

Latte, anyone?

Here's Henry, from tonight...

Mr. Henry

... with the same (twist) filter applied...

Latte Swirl
Henry Latte?

Anyone else thirsty?

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Ruth said...

Mmmm... hairy lattes!

Furries said...

Gorgeous photos of the boys. And very creative swirls. The colors are so vibrant.
Don't feel bad, our Chinese pistache are mocking us too. We've filled 2 green waste bins in the last week with their leaves.