Tuesday, November 22, 2016


Zachary staring in "Fluff Busters"

Zachary: "That fluff is finished."

Dog Blog Post #2315

The vacuum is a dangerous beast, and the boys felt it prudent to don protective gear before Helping me with the Crevice Tool.

A crevice tool is just the thing for getting pup-fluff out of all the things that pup-fluff flits, floats, and finagles its way in, under, and around.

(Am I the only one thinking Ghost Busters?)

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1849. "Helping"

Our Daily Challenge - November 22, 2016 - "Tool"

Henry: (blink)

Oh... right... your hard hat.


Henry - channeling his inner Harbor Seal?

How many Cookies DID you eat this week???

Henry, unimpressed, waiting for his lawyer to call back

Good grief. Henry isn't fat!

His bed-head ruff does make him look more like a seal than a dog at times.

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