Monday, November 7, 2016

Football Season


On The Big Bed
Zachary: "Uh, Mom. Isn't it picture time?"

Right... of course... right after this play.

On The Big Bed
Zachary: (sigh)

Zachary, on our...

Our Daily Challenge - November 7, 2016 - "Allover Pattern"

... comforter on the Big Bed.

Daily Dog Challenge 1834. "More of the Same"


Momma's Helper
Henry - Momma's Helper

He's hatching the pile of underwear.

Henry - still waiting.

Henry thinks it's about time to take a Cookie break.

I agreed!

Our Daily Challenge - November 6, 2016 - "It's About Time...."

Daily Dog Challenge 1833. "Patience"

Dog Blog Post #2306

As the pictures show, football season continues.

The Niners played on Sunday. So, of course, they lost, putting them at 1-7 this year. They can't even manage to be the worst team in the league. That honor (and #1 draft pick?) goes to the Cleveland Browns at 0-9.

Thankfully, the Raiders won - beating Denver, no less - leaving the Raiders alone atop AFC West.

(cover your eyes, Mom) Woo Hoo!

Hard to believe how bad the Raiders were just a few seasons ago (hint: rock bottom was 3-13 in 2014, in the midst of their season-spanning 16-game losing streak).

I'm sure Los Vegas will be quite happy to have them, now.


Can't we pawn the 49ers off on Nevada instead and give Levi stadium to the Raiders?

Photography Assignment

See above (and below)


Up Close and Personal
Henry Whiskers

As close as my iPhone will go.

Our Daily Challenge - November 5, 2016 - "Macro or Extreme Closeup"

Daily Dog Challenge 1832. "Close"

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