Monday, September 19, 2016

Tuffs and Fluffs

Mr. Henry
Henry: "Momma, feeling itchy."

Coming, dear.

Tuffs and Fluffs
Henry: "Ahhhh"

Tuffs and Fluffs
Henry: "Much better."

Dog Blog Post #2270

Golden Retrievers are a double-coated breed, with a thick, soft, undercoat to keep them warm that is protected by a longer, coarser, outer coat.

When Spring comes, they blow their undercoat - sending giant tuffs of fluff wafting all over the house - and everyone and thing in it.

Henry repeats this in the fall - about now - although the tuffs are more mouse than moose sized.

He then continues to shed a small rabbit's worth of fluff per week, or so, over the rest of the year. No, I'm not kidding and no, I don't know how he manages to grow (and lose) so much.

This is in addition to whatever the groomer gets off him every 2-3 weeks.

(Zachary probably sheds as well, although the quantity is minuscule compared to his much fluffier nephew.)

The only tool I use for grooming is an undercoat rake - shown here - which is exactly what it sounds like. It has short, thick, widely-spaced, plastic-coated tines that reach down through the top coat to pull out loose undercoat.

LOTS of loose undercoat.

Henry loves being groomed, and will stand there, leaning into the rake, for as long as I'm willing to comb him.

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Tuffs and Fluffs
Henry: "You aren't going to stop, are you?"

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Unknown said...

Very nice blog. I really enjoyed reading it!!! You are such a handsome dog Henry!!! Your pictures are so beautiful, I just can't stop looking at you:)

Furries said...

Bentley's fur always ended up under the refrigerator. I was lucky in that he did not have a thick undercoat and didn't shed as much as most Goldens.