Saturday, September 24, 2016

Scratch a Dog

Scratch A Dog
(scratch scratch scratch)

Scratch A Dog
(pet pet pet)

Scratch A Dog
Henry: (happy sigh)

Dog Blog Post #2275

I was totally stumped on what to take for the day's challenges Patience and Canine Myths.

So I stretched out on the sofa near my "studio" (aka Kitchen) and thought deep thoughts.

Soon Henry hopped up on the sofa and stretched out in my lap. Well, as much as a 90 lb dog can fit in a lap. And he wiggled and he squirmed and he wiggled and squirmed until he was practically under my chin.

And I pet him.

You really have no choice, as (1) he's really soft and, frankly, wonderful to pet, and (2) he'll nuzzle your hand with his cold nose until you start, and then repeat as necessary if you try to stop.

Which reminded me of something I read one day on a list of Superstitions:

"Scratch a dog and you'll find a permanent job." by Franklin P. Jones

I remember laughing as I read it, as I have no doubt that Mr. Jones was opining on how dogs expect you to keep scratching once you start and NOT that you can avoid ever being fired by giving a dog a scratch.

Of course, on the off chance that really is what he meant, I think I've got my bases covered.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - September 24, 2016 - "Patience"

Daily Dog Challenge 11790. "Canine Myths"

Yes, another iPhone shot.

I don't have a lens on my Nikon that will allow me to capture this much, this close.

Scratch A Dog
Zachary likes petting, too

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Furries said...

I don't think I've ever met a Golden Retriever who doesn't enjoy being petted. Henry certainly looks content with your petting.

Doggie's Doing A Comedy Turn said...

Henry's definitely loving a good old scratch. Have a great week.