Friday, September 23, 2016

Golden Boys

Finally, guys. I've been waiting for you.

Where were you?

Golden Boys
Henry: "He he he - we had a GREAT time!"

Golden Boys
Henry: "We were rolling around and playing Bitey-Face."

Golden Boys
Henry: "You should have been there."

Dog Blog Post #2274

I had the Nikon set up.

The boys had just been fed. The house was a pleasant temperature. I was wandering around the room pretending to set up the shoot.

The boys were prancing about excitedly.

Everything was ready to go.

And then Zachary went over to get a drink and Henry plopped down on the floor.

And that was it.

No fun.
No bitey-face.
No nothing.

So I took a seat on the sofa. Watched some baseball. Figured they would play sooner or later.

And I was right.

A couple hours (yes, HOURS) later they come charging into the room all happy smiles and panting.

Yup, they had played all right.

In the other room.


Soo... Looks like the boys where having a bit of Fun and Games at my expense.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1789. "Fun and Games"

Golden Boys
Henry's Head Rest

Look into my eyes

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