Thursday, September 8, 2016

Just For Fun

Hello Henry
Henry: "Hi, Momma."

Hi, Henry.

Hello Henry

Sorry, Henry.

This is one of the few places in the house that isn't within arms reach of a Cookie jar.

Dog Blog Post #2260

While I generally prefer using my Nikon, when a shot is Just For Fun the iPhone is definitely more handy.

I also find playing with sliders is much easier when the subject is "just" a happy-snappy iPhone shot.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - September 9, 2016 - "Just For Fun"

Daily Dog Challenge 1774. "Where I Stand"

Henry hanging out next to me while I watched the first football game of the season...

... at least until he decided he wasn't going to get any more Cookies.

My Foot Warmer
Bye, Henry

At least Zachary remained my loyal foot warmer.

Yes, this is the same spot as the "floating" picture from the day before yesterday, when Zachary was stretched out on the floor about where that pillow is, above.

That pillow Zachary knocked to the floor when he got up on the sofa.

But that's OK, since he's using my feet as a pillow.

You know, it occurs to me that I almost never take a picture from this spot, and I'm not really sure why not.

Well, actually, I think I do.

See above mentioned lack of a Cookie jar.

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