Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Shell Game

OK, Henry, which Cup are the Cookies hiding under?

Shell Game
Henry:  (sniff) "That one."

Are you sure?

Shell Game
Henry: "Yup."

Shell Game
Henry: "See? Told you."

Shell Game
Henry: "Mmmmm"

Dog Blog Post #1745

It was Predictable that the boys, being Naturally Bright, would excel at finding the Cookie.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 7 2015 - "Predictable"

Daily Dog Challenge 1253. "Naturally Bright"

Another Cup. Another Customer

OK, Zachary, which Cup…

Shell Game
Zachary: "That one!"

Are you…

Shell Game
Zachary: "That one! That one! That one!"

Yeah - this was WAY to easy for the boys.

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Unknown said...

LOL I'd just knock them over. Have a wonderful Wednesday.
Best wishes Mollly

Unknown said...

Cute. Good job boys.

Unknown said...

They're beautiful!

Talent Hounds said...

I agree with Molly lol!

Piranha Banana said...

So beautiful!

Furries said...

The nose knows!