Monday, April 27, 2015


Henry:  (whimper whimper whimper)

Counselor Zachary: "Hmmm"
Henry: (blink)

What are you two up to?

Henry: "My lawyer is going to get me lots of Cookies!"
Counselor Zachary: "Damages must be paid."

I'm assuming damage actually occurred?

Henry: "He said that part didn't matter."
Counselor Zachary: "Eh... hmm... my Client is still in shock."

Dog Blog Post #1765

Poor Henry.

Looks like a hurt paw has sent him to his Lawyer.

Can you say, "Lawsuit"?

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 26, 2015 - "Health or Health Care"

Daily Dog Challenge 1273. "Tell A Story"

Disclaimer: No pups (nor lawyers) were injured before, during, or after this shoot.

All Cookies were dispensed per contractual obligations.

Behind the Scenes
The boys and a Gray Card

New toy to help get my colors "Just Right".

Thanks Hubby! :)

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Furries said...

Always get your retainer (cookies) up front.