Tuesday, April 21, 2015

ID Check

ID Check
"Zachary": "I'd like to buy a Beer and some Chips, please."

Hmmm... you look a bit young... "Zachary".

ID Check
"Zachary": "That's what everybody says."

ID Check
"Zachary": (blink)

Dog Blog Post #1759

There's something not quite right about that license.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Apr 20, 2015 - "Furniture"

Not much to look at, but we've had this end table for 25+ years and it's just as sturdy and dependable now as it was the day we bought it.

It has played a supporting role (literally) in many shoots, usually under a piece of fabric.

Daily Dog Challenge 1267. "Canine Identification"

ID Check
Zachary: "Eh hem."

Aren't you a bit young?

ID Check
Zachary: "Not in dog years."

ID Check
Zachary: "pfthththththth"

Still Life
Still Life - of sorts

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Furries said...

Zachary, I think those white spots on your muzzle make you old enough to enjoy a few licks of beer. Golden Fetching Pale Ale....that's creative! My dad's favorite beers are IPAs. He needs to try your GFPA.

Angry Girl Fitness said...

I can't even adequately tell you how much I enjoy your photos. :-)