Friday, January 2, 2015

Soft As A...

Soft as A...
Zachary Looking Soft

Soft as A...
Henry Feeling Soft

Soft as A...
Henry Being Soft

Soft as A...
Henry Softly Sleeping

Yes, really.

Soft as A...
Zachary Bellowing For His Lawyer
"Why am I advertising Toilet Paper???"

Dog Blog Post #1650

One day a Gentleman, the next you're hawking toilet paper. You never know what a Canine Model will be called on to advertise.

Editor's Note: This is my first try using my new (second) Speedlight (thank you Hubby!) and soft box trained on the background.

I got to play with the camera's A/B groups and vary the exposure values to try to create an even tone across the back.

While not quite right, I am quite pleased with the result and look forward to other multi-flash opportunities.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1158. "Canine Model"

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 2, 2015 - "Cover Art"

The Stunt Double

Jungle Kitty is the boys' stunt double, so I don't have to flash them any more times than necessary.

Test Shot - One Flash
Single Flash

Test Shot - Two Flashes
Two Flashes

Flash on the right for both shots. Added a background flash on the left in the second shot.

Probably should have reduced the background flash a bit more. (Note to self: Beware - hard to verify flash uniformity on the camera's LCD.)

Or possibly turned the key flash a bit more toward the background

Or perhaps added another reflector.

Or… something.

Still, not bad for my first try with a second flash.

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Sue and Doug said...

soft kitty warm kitty little ball of wait wrong show!
so darn cute as alaways!

Furries said...

I like the kitty stunt double. But more importantly, no toilet paper could ever be softer than a Golden Retriever.

zoepheedogs said...

Those pictures are so cute!!! <3