Sunday, January 25, 2015

Praying for Bacon

Praying for Bacon
Zachary: "Please please please…"

Henry: (sniff sniff sniiiiiiiiiiiiiiff)

Henry the Long Necked Golden

Zachary: (sniff sniff sniff)

Henry: (nom nom nom)

Zachary: (nom nom nom)

Dog Blog Post #1673

Bacon is as close to a Spiritual experience as the boys get.

The observant amongst you may note that the piece of bacon I'm holding for Henry and the piece I'm holding for Zachary are, in fact, the very same piece of bacon.

Of the four pieces I received as a side-order from IHOP, that piece was the most "photogenic" of the bunch.

As Henry went first, his reward piece (shown being consumed) was an equal sized but less attractive piece.

Zachary ate the Beauty Queen in his last shot, above.

I then gave each dog one of the two remaining pieces.

As for me?

Not a bite.


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Thank You
Henry: (slurp!)

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How Sam Sees It said...

I think we would lose a finger trying that!

Monty and Harlow

Talent Hounds said...

That was much more graceful than Kilo could ever be.

Unknown said...

Hmmmm we can smell it over here. Have a marvellous Monday.
Best wishes Molly