Friday, January 30, 2015

Something New


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Dog Blog Post #1678

Played a bit with my lighting today.

Probably should have cleaned the floor first.

That's Henry In the Distance with the Cookies in the foreground.

(Proof I lived up to my promise to Zachary and bought more Cookies.)

In addition to my primary flash sitting lower than usual, there is a second flash at -1EV with a softbox trained on the Cookies.

While I generally liked how the lighting came out, the low angle of the lights made my floors look… well… filthy.

Some heavy handing processing cleaning up the worst of the floor, but made things rather contrasty and dark.


Better luck next time.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Jan 30 2015 - "In the Distance"

Daily Dog Challenge 1186. "Who and What"

Same Floors Different Props


(waiting waiting waiting)

(still waiting waiting waiting)

That last shot was at 1/5s f/32 - just for kicks (slow exposure, very small aperture.).

I wanted the small aperture to bring both the ball and Zachary into focus despite their distance apart. I needed the slow exposure to compensate for very little light getting through that very small aperture.

I played with a variety of aperture/exposure values but never did get it quite right.

And yes, both the Cookies and brand new Lacrosse Ball was enjoyed when the shoot was over.

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