Wednesday, December 31, 2014

New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution
Zachary - steadfast in his Diet Resolution...

New Year's Resolution
… aided by LOTS of sticky tape

Does that mean I can stop paying your Modeling Fee?

New Year's Resolution

New Year's Resolution
Zachary: "No Cookies? No Contract!"
Henry: "Pfthththththth"

I'll take that as a "No".

Dog Blog Post #1648

Good luck with that, boys.

Photography Assignment

Daily Dog Challenge 1156. "Good Bye 2014"

Our Daily Challenge - Dec 31, 2014 - "Resolutions"

Just Because…

Mr. Zachary
Mr. Zachary

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zoepheedogs said...

They're too cute!! Good luck with the resolutions!! <3

Cowspotdog said...

we give that resolutions about 4 hours to last :)

How Sam Sees It said...

Haha - that wouldn't work here! Happy New Year!

Monty and Harlow

Furries said...

I love Henry's expressions. I hope your treats don't need to stay taped shut too long.

Teddy said...

Tape makes for a sticky challenge to achieving the treat goal, but not unsurpassable. This I know.

Sue and Doug said...

happy new year to you and your Boyz!..good luck with the taped up cookie jar!

Marty the Manx said...

Hehehehe! Love that last picture, it is just gorgeous!