Saturday, December 6, 2014

Catching Cookies

Ready to Catch some Cookies, Henry?

Henry: "Ready!"

One… Two… Three…


Missing Cookies
Henry: "Oops! Jumped to high. Try again."

One… Two… Three…


Missing Cookies
Henry: "Oops! Forgot to open my mouth."


That's OK sweetie.

I'm sure it's my aim.

Let's give Zachary a chance.

Sad Dog
Henry: "I hate this game."

The Cookie-Catching Master Awaits

Catching Cookies
Zachary: "Chooooommmm…"

Catching Cookies
Zachary: "….ppppppp"

I have two other pictures that were virtually identical the shot above.

That is, I clicked the remote just a fraction of a second two late.

It does reveal, however, how remarkably consistent his catching style is.

Dog Blog Post #1623

As I've mentioned before, Zachary excels at this game.

Henry? Not so much.

I think Zachary only missed one Cookie, and Henry caught just one or two - and only after I moved closer.

In his defense, my aim is terrible as I'm also holding the camera remote in the other hand, and multi-tasking aim/tossing the Cookie and aim/clicking the remote - the actions of when are slightly out of phase - first the toss, then the click.

Henry has a much higher Catch Percentage - even if I'm across the room - when all I'm doing is tossing the Cookie.

That said, Zachary seems to manage it just fine.

Photography Assignment

Our Daily Challenge - Dec 6, 2014 - "Oh What Fun"

Daily Dog Challenge 1131. "Good Times"


Catching Cookies
Henry: "Got it!!!"

I moved a bit closer. :)

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Love the ear action. Have a serene and easy Sunday.
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